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Dec 1, 2012 8:30am PST
>> hello. welcome to "european journal" from the dw studios here in brussels. good to be with you. let's take a look at what is coming up in today's program -- chinese investors bring a touch of eastern promised to french vineyards. military protests in portugal bring crisis even deeper. the people of albania lived under a brutal, stalinist dictatorship for more than 40 years. one of the most brutal regimes in eastern europe. under the iron grip, hundreds of thousands died, and many more dissidents were sent to prison camps. these days, as albania tries to show a new democratic base to the world, even hoping one day to become a member of the european union, the past is still there to haunt it. former political prisoners are fighting a bitter battle for compensation, but not even hunger strikes seem likely to convince the current government. >> we go to the site of the hunger strike. the word "democracy" is still written on the wall. strikers refused food for weeks, and then police came and took away their water and medicine. this is where one strikers set himself on fire. the man
Dec 10, 2012 11:00am PST
the street at brussels in visitation valley. >> reporter: imagine looking out your window one night and on the street are two people bound and gagged. that's what happened here on brussels street 8:30 last night not only were they bound and gagged, they were fighting for their lives. look at pictures from the scene, two bodies in the middle of brussels street 900 block, 8:30, one person black male in his 20s died at san francisco general about midnight the other victim, a white female in her late teens in critical condition now, police are not releasing names or what killed him. as you might guess, neighbors are on edge. >> i'm kind of scared because i live by myself. but i never leave the house at night because it is kind of dangerous. >> happens in the movies, but again in real life i have not seen this a lot. essentially, we want to make sure that we find who is responsible for this crime. so we can get these people off the streets. whether it was targeted or random, that's part of the investigation, with we do not know. >> reporter: -- police don't know where attack happened may
Dec 18, 2012 6:30pm PST
brussels for the annual end of the year talks on fishing quotas. during the three-day negotiations, ministers will try to agree on how much fish is allowed to be caught in the north sea and the atlantic. >> environmental groups want the european commission to and overfishing. they say current levels of unsustainable and dangerously close to depleting fish stocks, especially cod. >> of fishermen around europe say their fleets have already been cut and many jobs lost. policy makers in brussels will have to hammer out a plan that balances commercial interests and brings fish stocks back on track. >> returning to the dutch port after a week of fishing in the north sea. he is only licensed to catch one kind of fish. eu ministers responsible for fisheries say quotas are necessary to protect fish stocks. >> for us, it is about sustainable fishing policy, which is based on the maximum sustainable catch. >> it sounds environmentally friendly, but it results in edible fish being thrown overboard. fisherman dump the unwanted fish that get caught in nets. it does not make much ecological or ec
Dec 4, 2012 6:30pm PST
missiles will be deployed. >> our correspondent has been following nato talks in brussels. we asked what nato's decision to deploy missiles at the turkish border means. >> sending these patriot missiles to turkey is more a political signal than a military necessity. nato wants to support its ally, turkey, and nato wants to reassure all those in the country who fear there might be direct entry into the civil war. in general, nato tries to deal escalate the situation -- d escalate the situation -- de- escalate the situation. the augmentation of the turkish air defense comes amid rumors that syria might use weapons against its own people in the civil war or against neighboring countries. >> thank you for that. while diplomats in brussels talk about the situation in syria, there was another day of fighting in the country itself. >> these images are said to show rockets being fired on the capital damascus from a ledge of government positions at a military airport on the outskirts of the capital. this internet video appears to show destruction after heavy fighting in damascus suburbs that unti
Dec 10, 2012 11:30am PST
and gagged in the middle of the street at brussels in visitation valley. >> reporter: imagine looking out your window one night and on the street are two people bound and gagged. that's what happened here on brussels street 8:30 last night not only were they bound and gagged, they were fighting for their lives. look at pictures from the scene, two bodies in the middle of brussels street 900 block, 8:30, one person black male in his 20s died at san francisco general about midnight the other victim, a white female in her late teens in critical condition now, police are not releasing names or what killed him. as you might guess, neighbors are on edge. >> i'm kind of scared because i live by myself. but i never leave the house at night because it is kind of dangerous. >> happens in the movies, but again in real life i have not seen this a lot. essentially, we want to make sure that we find who is responsible for this crime. so we can get these people off the streets. whether it was targeted or random, that's part of the investigation, with we do not know. >> reporter: -- police do
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
at a meeting in brussels today. and a new study shows it takes earning $161,000 per year to make most people happy. kevin craney of rjo futures joins us for a look at the week ahead. good morning to you kevin. good morning. we have jobs on tap for friday and all week long. of course the fiscal cliff talks--what will you anticpate from the market? i think the markets are really going to be dealing with the political wrangling over the fiscal cliff to begin the week. really no agreements to speak of and i really don't think you're going to see any. it's going to come down to one of these last minute issues because both sides continue to butt heads and we're no closer than we were two weeks ago. from an employment perspective, look for the numbers to come in on average probably around 100 to 125 thousand jobs created. that's where our average really stands. maybe some skewed data from hurricane sandy but you back that out and i think things really stand the same. gold futures and options are very popular right now. what's going on here? i think really one has to think about if this
Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
francisco en las calles "blyth-dale", brussels y grove. take sot julio escobar// in: 00;37;53;29 --- out: 00;38;10;21 senor dice: "nuestro enfoque es acompanar las familias que estan sufriendo en estos momentos dificiles y ver como nosotros les ayudamos, acompanarlos en este momento de sufrimiento y de dolor que muchas veces no se puede decir nada." vo ---la mayoria de estos casos continuan sin ser resueltos por la policia y varios de ellos se sospecha que estn relacionados a las pandillas. blanca ---el proximo sabado los departamentos de policia de oakland y san francisco... take vo ...ademas de varias organizaciones locales, estaran participando en un evento en el que los habitantes de ambas ciudades podran intercambiar sus armas de fuego a cambio de 200 dolares en efectivo y cada individuo puede canjear hasta 3 pistolas. take fs ---para los residentes de oakland, el evento sera el sabado, de 10 de la maÑana a 3 de la tarde en la iglesia "saint benedict" ubicada en el numero 22-45 de la avenida 82. take fs 2 ---y en san francisco, sera en el centro "the omega boy's club" que esta en e
Dec 4, 2012 2:00am PST
from our dw studio in brussels, and this is what is coming up in the program today. the archaic sport of pigsticking making headlines in spain. property rises in germany are leaving some without a home. and mistaken identities in poland's presidential plane crash. there's something rather medieval in the idea of a sport where men on horseback chase while boris with spears. it is an archaic sport, once hugely popular in spain. then it was banned, but now it is making a comeback. this traditional hunting method is being legalized by a number of regions. even the spanish environment ministry is backing the move, hoping to see a rise in takings in national parks as a result of people buying hunting permits, but animal rights activists are far from happy, calling the horseback hunting savage. >> this is a story from spain about wild boars and a controversial method of hunting them. but it is also a story about a country in crisis and how one is sacrificed for the good of the other. this is a member of the old gentry. hunting has been in his family's blood for generations. he is helping rev
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am EST
opted out. european leaders need to give their seal of approval and silvia wadhwa is in brussels with the latest. sylvia, it sounds like the meeting went into the late hours of the night. it sounds like the uk and sweden got their way. how significant is this agreement? >> the early hours of the morning. one may wonder whether that's good news for sweden and the uk that they opted out of the banking supervision or whether that's good news for them in that sense that they opted out and had their way. bottom line is, we have an agreement. that's the most important thing. otherwise, they threaten meetings going between the years leading up to christmas because everybody agrees that we might have a type of agreement before the year is out. the agreement that is on the table, ecb will be the banking supervisor. the straightforward ecb supervisory council will be flanked by two other committees, a mediation committee and a steering committee. the personnel of this and the rotation principal of that yesterday to be decided. there were some sticky points and we'll move that into deep space. i
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am EST
at 10:30 london. in brussels, eurozone finance ministers getting ready to tackle banking union proposals. we'll have updates throughout the show. and are you going to hit the slopes during the holidays or in the course of the ski season? 11:40, we'll talk, yes, the ski season. one of the things that make winter great for the guest who for the time being is keeping warm in orlando, florida. we will do that. unemployment in spain has continued to rise, by 1.5% in november, pushing the total number to 4.2 million people. french finance minister says he's confident the buy back plan will go well. silvia is still there as they work their way towards banking union proposals. silvia, i don't know where -- i don't know if i want to talk about greece or not, whether i want to dive straight into the banking union and what chance have we possibly got of getting agreement. >> let's talk about greece, much more fun. no, greece we have to get out of the way. is the debt by back program going to be successful, everyone nds it will. we know that's the one little lynchpin on which everything el
Dec 21, 2012 6:30pm PST
russia and the european union in focus as vladimir putin plays -- pays a visit to brussels. >> and today is the start of a new era according to the ancient mayan calendar and the old one draws to an end. in egypt, the final round of a national referendum on the countries' disputed new constitution is set to start on saturday morning. most observers expect the constitution to be approved. unofficial results from the first round of voting last week showed 57% in favor of the document. >> critics say the constitution is to islamist-based and ignores the rights of women and minorities in the country. in the run-up to the vote, opponents and supporters of morsi clashed again on friday. >> "our souls and our blood we sacrifice to islam," they chanted in alexandria. thousands of muslim brotherhood supporters rallied in the city ahead of the voting on egypt's referendum on the proposed constitution. >> my message to the egyptian people is saying yes to stability. production needs to start moving. economic reform will jump-start political reform, not the other way around. >> opponents of th
Dec 18, 2012 2:00am PST
>> hello and a very warm welcome to "european journal" coming to you from dw studios in brussels. coming up in today show -- the dictator's house. austria struggling with its past. and bulgaria -- the plight of the blind. there is a fierce and emotional debate going on in ireland over the country's strict anti- abortion laws sparked by the death of a woman in october after doctors denied her request to abort her dying fetus. the husband is convinced she would still be alive had the doctors terminated her pregnancy in time. the case has turned the spotlight on an issue which is seldom discussed publicly in the catholic country. irish women have taken to the streets demanding the laws be changed. >> not the church, not the state, women will decide their fate. >> never before have the irish people campaigned so hard for the right to abortion. they are calling for the church and state to stay out of issues related to their bodies. this woman's face can be seen all over posters here. campaigners say what happened to her must never happen again. they are fighting against ireland's stri
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
>> a very warm welcome to "eopean journal," your magazine from brussels. good to have you with us. just a few days until the start of 2013, so we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at some of our top stories from 2012. spain -- wide business is booming. armenia -- why chess is compulsory in schools. and ireland -- why deserters had to wait decades to be pardoned. eu leaders met to discuss how much solidarity they were prepared to show with the weakest members of the eurozone. in the end, the you chose not to abandon them, but greece continues to have to make drastic cuts, leaving marks that are visible throughout the country, including a long one of the world's most famous routes -- along one of the world's most famous routes. ♪ >> at precisely 42,195 meters long, this is the route that has become the standard for all marathon runners. the course was inspired by a 2500-year old myth, only today it is run on asphalt along with the capital's main roads. this is the bay where it said the lenda battle took place in 490 bc. it marked the first greek victory over the persi
Dec 29, 2012 9:00am EST
minutes medium, medium well. hot pan here. i have some butter nut squash. >> oh, yeah. >> brussel sprouts. i love brussel sprouts. even my brother who hates brussel sprouts tries them this way. get a little butter in the pan. brown the butter. get it real brown, get that nutty taste. little salt and pepper. again, the salt recipe is also on the website. i just reduced a little bit of red wine vinegar, full body red wine, little mustard. reinforce that mustard. then i reduce that to about half cup. whip in some butter. >> some more butter. >> my favorite ingredient. >> butter makes it better. >> that looks delicious. >> we have this lamb here. we'll just cut it. cocktail. champagne cocktail. don't have to go expensive with champagne. this is a sparkling rose. a sparkling wine. >> pomegranete juice. i made this pear syrup which is on your website. >> looks thick. >> it's like nectar. just top it wauf the bubbley. that's what new year's eve is all about. look at the color. if you want to get naughty, jennifer, little grand marnier on the top. >> so festive for the new year. looks awe
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
brussels to discuss how to proceed with extending eight degrees. euro president said the region's financial authorities will monitor greece's bond buying back program. he says the finance ministers will sign off in the next round of loans t greece wn they meet again on december 13th. the ministers also talked about spain. they decided to provide up to nearly $40 billion euros. they're decision came after the bailout fund to sure up its constituti institutions. the nikkei average at 9,434. that's a loss of one-fourth of a percent. the dollar is slightly losing ground. dollar yen changing hands at 82.13 to 17. euro stands at 107.19 to 24. analysts say investors are selling the dollar following the release of u.s. manufacturing data. it was the lowest in almost three and a half years. more investors are showing interest in the weakening yen. taking a look at other markets, south korea's kospi is trading lower. let's take a look at australia. it's trading lower by almost a third of a percent. there's hope for floundering bas bas basic electronics firm sharp. the firm is expected to re
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
", brussels y grove. take sot julio escobar// in: 00;37;53;29 --- out: 00;38;10;21 senor dice: "nuestro enfoque es acompanar las familias que estan sufriendo en estos momentos dificiles y ver como nosotros les ayudamos, acompanarlos en este momento de sufrimiento y de dolor que muchas veces no se puede decir nada." vo ---la mayoria de estos casos continuan sin ser resueltos por la policia y varios de ellos se sospecha que estn relacionados a las pandillas. topvo blanca ---en la calle "fari-haven drive" de san jose, donde se registro el asesinato de un joven de 18 aÑos el pasado martes por la tarde, tambien se ha creado un pequeÑo altar para honrar la memoria del joven. ---hasta el momento, la policia dice no tener ninguna pista sobre el movil del crimen ni pistas sobre el asesino. blanca ---en emeryville, un operativo contra la prostitucion infantil, termino con la detencion de 6 adultos y 2 jovencitas de 15 aÑos. take vo ---varios agentes se hicieron pasar por clientes y por medio de internet concertaron una cita con las prostitutas, y al llegar al lugar, no solo detuviero
Dec 11, 2012 5:00pm PST
brussels street in san francisco, bound and gagged. both had a substantial injuries and be needed to transported to san francisco general. the male, steven reed died at the hospital. there are still unknown questions weather if they were beaten elsewhere and then it dumped in the streets. police provided new details on this crime. listen. >> it was established a there was an extensive relationships between the victims and the suspects in this case. i cannot give you details about the relationships. and also note maga shots will be able as we have pending identification. it is part of this investigation and the motive for this attack is under investigation. i will not be able to provide details on what led to the attack but what i can say is that the male appeared to have a blunt force trauma and a gun shots to his upper body. because of the death is still pending the examiner's conclusion of the autopsy report. the female victim also it seemed to have a blunt force trauma. that is all the information i can give as that. and as far as when it occurred? we are still the lead agency in
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
. speaking to leaders in brussels, hillary clinton followed suit. >> our concerns are that an increasingly desperate assad regime may turn to chemical weapons, or may lose control of them to one of the many groups that are now operating within syria. so as part of the absolute unity we have on this issue, we have sent an unmistakable message that this would cross a red line. those responsible would be held to account. >> in response to the threat, assad's regime has assisted it will not use chemical weapons against its own people, calling an assertion to the contrary to a pretext for intervention. >timothy geithner is says the obama administration is prepared to see the u.s. go over the limit fiscal cliff rather than cave to republican demands for a continued tax break for the wealthiest americans. he made the statement in an interview with cnbc. >> i want to understand the administration's position on raising taxes for the wealthy, those making more than $250,000. if republicans and not agree to that, is the administration prepared to go over the fiscal cliff? >> absolutely.
Dec 9, 2012 11:30pm PST
, but unconscious. the victims were discovered around 8:30 this evening, on brussels street, near manziel street. >>> today was the first day in washington state that same sex couples could legally marry. debra horn has more on the historic celebration. >> reporter: neither the gloom, nor the cold. >> the weather kind of sucks, but inside, i'm a balmy 75 degrees. >> reporter: nor the kicks of a child to be. >> i think she's happy too. >> reporter: not even the lack of appointed time. >> we're on stand by today. >> reporter: could keep them away from seattle city hall on this glorious days. after a lifetime of waiting to wed legally. the smiles and the tears came easily. >> i now pronounce you married. >> reporter: we asked bride karen swanson about the import of this day. >> it was important for me to get married today. 18 years later. >> reporter: these couples, five at a time were ushered in and out to say their wedding vows. also basking in the glow of this historic day, seattle mayor, mike mcginn who agreed to turn city hall into a wedding chapel. >> it's a symbol across the c
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am PST
brussels in the bayview district--900 block to victims were found a male and female. both were transferred to san francisco general or the male victim believed to be in his 20s was pronounced dead. we are not sure of the woman's condition. they're not releasing any details. the last word we had what she had life-threatening injuries. much more in the way of questions than answers. we talked a spokesperson for the seventh to go police department asking for the public's heahelp. >> any information would help. we are trying to canvass the area to determine where the crime actually happen. if it happen here or another location. that is the part of the investigation will try to reach out to the community. if they have any information to help us with this case. >> this is obviously a very bizarre people found bound and gagged in the middle of the street. one of them has died from the injuries. we are not sure what the injuries are. it is still a developing story. as we have more details on the second victim we will pass them along. >> thank you jacket for the update. >> we are following a develo
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Dec 21, 2012 12:00pm PST
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Dec 10, 2012 5:00am PST
. last night 900 block of brussels and san bruno avenue. police got the call 8:30 they found a man and woman in the street, bound and gagged, police are not saying if they had been beaten, shot or what the trauma was the man did die midnight. the woman is still fighting for her life. police say neighbors do not need to be concerned they believe this was a targeted incident. the male described only as in his 20s, no suspect and no motive. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> 5:02. the man charged with the murder of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is scheduled to face arraignment in court this morning on additional charges that date back three years. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may for lamar's disappearance and murder based on dna. new charges happened in march. 2009 when he was 17, attempted kidnapping and carjacking stun gun allegedly used. the d.a.'s office received clearance from juvenile court last month to file the new charges. >>> this morning police confirming 8-year-old girl gunned down by her father in shooting rampage on an indian reservation in
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Dec 21, 2012 1:00pm PST
hospital official says it could be the first ever case of a brussel sprout o.d. you don't like brussel sprouts? >>jonathan: love them. roasted. greg degree the only thing worse is par snips. >>jonathan: love those, too. >>gregg: see you later. calf 6:00 -- neil cavuto is next. >>neil: stocks selling off while these guys are goofing off? welcome, everyone i am neil cavuto and stocks tanking because a fiscal deal ain't happening. maybe because these guys are ignoreing my tip one, congress needs to stop going on vacation. what are they doing and they are going on vacation. many bolting just as house speaker boehner's plan "b" was collapsing last night and while there is a skeletal crew at capitol there does not seem to be much worse getting done in the capitol today. maybe it is time, time for the super hero to get involveed. ladies, the to scale. yes, citizens, we have a last shot to save the country and if i am not busy enough, there are three full days congress could be working, these guys are still doing nothing as the cliff keeps on nearing. and the markets keep on fretting, if my ne
Dec 10, 2012 5:00am PST
died. the man and a woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of brussel street in the bay view district . they were rushed to san francisco general hospital. the man died at midnight. the woman is being treated for life threatening injuries. police have no motive or suspects. >>> this morning vallejo police are searching for a missing 77- year-old man. family members say philip maddingly had been called to fix a boat on saturday. he's 6 feet tall, 200 pounds with hazel eyes and surgery scars on his left arm. they comed through waters yesterday and called the serge off because of rough currents. >>> a crash involving a car and caltrain in san francisco, a northbound train hit a car around 6 last night at the 16 16th the street intersection. that's near the caltrains depot at 4th and townsend. no one was hurt in the crash but northbound tracks were shut down well into the evening while the car was removed and inspectors made sure that the equipment was safe. >>> there's another community meeting tonight to give people in san jose a chance to talk about the city's next police chie
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
. according to sampras as the police officers around 830 last night are on the 900 block of brussels street and bay view 2 victims one male and one female were both found in the middle of the st bound and gagged. what we are told is that both victims were alive when police found them. they were transported to sam francisco general hospital there. one of the victims the mail believe to be in his 20s was pronounced dead. the other woman victim, no condition update on her so far. there are reports that she may have life-threatening injuries also. we don't even know what the injuries were. the spokesperson for the severance as the police department asked for public help. >> we are investigating this crime. any intimation would help. we are trying to canvass the mission to determine where the crime happened. if that happened here, or at another location and dumped here. we are trying to reach out to the community and the public if you have any information please forward it to the police department with this case. >> more questions than answers at this point. obviously they're asking for the publ
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
8:30 last night on brussels street in the bay view district. the man died about midnight. the woman is still being treated for life threatening injuries. san francisco police have no motive or suspects at this time. >>> 6:03 now, in vallejo, dive teams will return to the waters to search for a missing man there. family members say 77-year-old philip maddingly was servicing a boat and habit been seen -- hasn't been seen since. 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, and surgery scars on his left arm. rescue teams combed through the water and had to call off the search. >>> a grammy nominated latina musician from the u.s. is dead after her plane crashed in mexico. people were on t the small plane carrying jenni rivera went could be in rough terrain. 7 people were on the train. her driver's license was found at the crash site. this morning rivera's family is heading to mexico to try and identify her remains. >> reporter: how do you want your sister remembered. >> every which way that we can. the good, bad, ugly, short, fat, nice, everything about her was great. i only have two sisters. now i only hav
Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
island's banks. >> we now turn to our brussels correspondent. can you give us more details on how the buyback plan came about? >> the buyback program is supposed to help greece reduce its debt within a short period of time. that is a vital condition for the next tranche of funds that greece needs can be paid out. they gave the green light last week to pay out the money. they said they needed to have the greek debt burden reduced. the country is now trying to do that. it has put 20 bonds out on the market earlier this year. it is offering to buy them back at a very attractive price for investors. if that is successful, then international lenders can pay out some 35 billion euros next week. >> a luxembourg finance minister has said there is no plan b. what if the greek that is not reduced enough -- greek debt is not reduced enough? >> there will be a big problem with the imf. head of the imf, christine lagarde, has been insisting on a sustainable that level for greece -- sustainable debt level for greece. your of the program is not an option. everybody here is -- failure of the prog
Dec 10, 2012 2:30pm PST
prize on behalf of the citizens of europe. our brussels correspondent asked of you eu -- asked a few eu citizens what the prize means to them. >> these students come from every corner of the eu, bringing an adverse mix of languages and cultures -- bringing a diverse mix of languages and cultures. >> it is something that confirms the fact that the eu has greater importance in many things, especially in a moral context, morals, values. italy, we take things for granted, how we live -- usually, we take things for granted, how we live, the way things are. >> with the debt crisis still looming, they feel the award sends an important message. they hope it will encourage politicians to focus on the european perspective. >> i like to think of our school as a microcosm of europe. we need people every day from other nations, and have to switch -- we meet people every day from other nations. it is european in change in one school -- european exchange in one school, and that is a good thing. >> the european union rose from the ruins of postwar europe. the goal, a unified and peaceful europe, bro
Dec 18, 2012 10:00pm PST
tolerance because, you know, i tolerate brussel sprouts but if you simply tolerate the diversity that is america, you are going to, you are aspiring for mediocrity. when we have, and this gets back to your question, when we have leaders that embrace diversity and that build a culture that says, you know what, if you want to compete in the global economy tomorrow, pal, you've got to embrace diversity. why does coca-cola write a brief to the united states supreme court and general motors and microsoft on issues of diversity and higher education? because they know if they want to get ahead, they've got to embrace that diversity. if they want to continue to be a fortunes 50 company, there's got to embrace diversity. similarly if we want to get down to the local level and address this issue, we've got to teach our kids that the sooner that you embrace difference and understand that your muslim classmate or your seat classmate or your gay classmate or your limited english professor classmate might be tomorrow's ceo or today's best friend of yours, the better off we will be. you have a
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
to occur. >> jill dougherty joins us now by phone from brussels. she is traveling with the secretary. now, jill, that warning begs a question. the u.s. has actually spoken of the move of chemical weaponry before, but this, officials are saying, is different. tell us why. >> well, it's different because the intelligence information that is coming out, the data, shows moving apparently these weapons or supplies, and they have done that before, but the way they are doing them, it's different, and it's kind of a new activity, i guess you could call it, which might indicate some type of move toward deploying the weapons. it's a little murky, of course, right there. you heard secretary clinton not wanting to get into intelligence issues, as you can imagine, but there is a heightened concern, and that is one of the reasons that when she was asked about it during this brief -- during this presser in prague, she was very, very serious in her response. >> yeah. no. i heard earlier that they tend to keep the chemical -- the chemicals separate from the delivery systems, the rockets, th
Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
encontro a un hombre y una mujera amordazados y maniatados en la calle "brussels"... ---el hombre estaba inconsciente mientras que la mujer se encontraba malherida... ---ambos fueron llevados al hospital donde el hombre murio... ---la policia no ha determinado el motivo del ataque. cesar ---un joven latino del area de la bahia estuvo a las puertas de la muerte... pitch - blanca ---se salvo gracias a que otro joven se habia inscrito como donante de organos y en el momento de la verdad, le salvo la vida. take 2 box ---hoy las 2 familias se unieron para llevar un mensaje conjunto, que nos trae... pilar niÑo. take pkg ; 01 ;12 blanca ---ahora veamos como pinta el tiempo para la semana que comienza... cesar ---pasamos contigo irene... take pkg cesar ---vamos a anuncios publicitarios en noticiero telemundo 48, pero al regresar... take vo cesar ---es captado en video el momento en que un sujeto se roba los brazos de un muÑeco de nieve navideÑo... hola, quiero hablarle sobre la revisión independiente de la ejecución hipotecaria. este programa, monitoreado por reguladores de bancos fe
Dec 13, 2012 1:35am PST
brussels street. stephen reid was dead. prad prado is still in the hospital. >> whether it was done to send a message is still not clear. >> reporter: five of the suspects were arrested at this home in hercules earlier this week. the woman at the door politely told me the police got it all wrong, but she wouldn't elaborate. >> can you tell me anything? >> have a nice day. >> reporter: the judge would not allow us to point cameras at the suspects but of the four that appeared before the judge, two men and one woman were charged with murder, another woman charged with assault. the suspects had various aliases, including pocahontas, snow and killer. police say the beatings took place here. it also is a place where two of the women who were arrested happen to live. one of those women, maelene lintz, was released from jail, charges dropped. neighbors say she grabbed her stuff and is gone. in san francisco, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >>> coming up, new details about the oregon mall shooter. and the big mistake he made just days ago. >>> bay area nuns turn crime fighters. the work they're doing f
Dec 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
. brussels can launch proceedings over treaty violations and holds member states to account this way and other areas, but so far, not over discrimination a menorahs. >> amnesty international nevertheless concludes that the you deserves the nobel peace prize for its peace-building policies over the past six decades. >> the very last issue of the financial times coach lynn hit the stands today with a bit of humor. >> gallows humor, that is. the front page carried the headline "finally in the black" and it was called "the final time storage line." >> but the business side has been no laughing matter. a direct losses every year since it started publication back in 2000. and finally in the black -- an ironic reference to the fact that in its entire 13-year history, "the financial times to richland" never made a profit. >> we did not have a chance to build up our readership over decades. whoever enters the market last is the first to go when these kinds of structural crises strike. >> the final editorial meeting in hamburg -- following a transition perido, -- period, more than 300 employees wi
Dec 11, 2012 5:30pm PST
are these new american allies? clarissa ward found their leader in brussels. >> reporter: moaz al-khatib is the man chosen to lead a newly formed coalition of syria's opposition groups. what does it mean to be recognized by the u.s.? "the u.s. administration has big influence globally" he told us. "a step like that would pull the rug from under the regime on all levels: politically, economically, and militarily." the damascus-born cleric has long been an outspoken critic of the syrian government. he's been jailed several times since the uprising began. in july, he finally fled to cairo. now he travels the world asking for international support for syria's opposition. do you feel that the international community has done enough to help syria? >> not at all. >> reporter: "the international community fell short in its support to the syrian people" he said. "but it's starting to wake up now." so far, though, the u.s. has refused to arm the rebels because of concerns about the rising role of islamic extremists in the rebellion. "i think the media has exaggerated this whole issue" he sa
Dec 5, 2012 2:30pm PST
meeting in brussels to discuss the withdrawal of troops from afghan. at issue is how the training and employment of local security forces is to be funded. all nato troops are set to be pulled out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. >> the people of thailand have been celebrating the 85th birthday of their king. he made a rare public appearance in bangkok before tens of thousands of well-wishers. in every speech, he appealed for unity and stability in the divided country. he has reigned for 66 years. >> a bush fire in australia has threatened homes in northern sydney. firefighters had contained the blaze, which caused traffic problems as thick smoke blew across the city. according to local media, officials believe the fire was started deliberately. the european commission says it is doing more about youth unemployment, which stands at almost 24%, more than 3.5 million people under the age 25 in the eurozone. >> the eu executive presented a proposal for all member states to offer so-called "youth guarantees," ensuring training for young people in the few months after they leave school or
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
of the street. the victims were found on brussels street in san francisco on sunday. that's the visitation valley neighborhood. the man died on the way to the hospital tonight. the woman remains in critical condition. police arrested five people today and two were booked for murder and three women were arrested for accessories to murder. all seven people knew one another, but they have not said what lead to this violent attack. >>> a lawyer for john mcafee has ordered his released from a go tau mall 11 -- guatemalan detention center. it make take awhile before the mogul actually leaves. he was detained after he sneaked into the country from neighboring belize. police there want to question mac uh fee -- mcafee in the facial shooting of a u.s. expatriot who lived near mcafee's home. >>> they are expecting a one-two punch. it is the highest tide of the year along with the rain. they are watching trouble spots tonight. cornell bernard is live in sausalito. cornell? >> the rain is moving in, and it is converging with some of the highest tides of the year. here in sausalito near the
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
life lost, one livelihood destroyed is still want to many. -- one too many. >> today in brussels, the u.s. secretary of state delivered a clear message, warning nato allies they must honor their financial commitments to afghanistan security forces after western troops pull back in 2014. after more than a decade of war, the country's still fragile. but afghanistan has been in this situation before. in a new book, the author, an afghan native, he writes about the misunderstood a history of the country and what it suggests for the country prepare -- for the country's future prepar. >> what i want to say is that it is not a case of the afghan people are one group and the taliban as another entity over there. they have been engaged in a long struggle between its own tendencies toward wanting to open up to the world and move the country in that direction, and those forces that want to entrench and reject that role and become more locally world. you know, verify and confirm the power of grass-roots clerics, grass-roots elders, that is the tendency in afghanistan. it is true that is very
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
amordazados y maniatados en la calle "brussels"... ---el hombre estaba inconsciente mientras que la mujer se encontraba malherida... ---ambos fueron llevados al hospital donde el hombre murio... ---la policia no ha determinado el motivo del ataque. blanca ---el adolescente de 16 aÑos acusado de dar muerte a sus padres adoptivos en oakland, se declaro "culpable" en la corte. take vo ---moses kamin, esta siendo juzgado como adulto por la muerte de susan poff de 50 aÑos y robert kamin de 55. ---el acusado fue adoptado por la pareja cuando tenia 6 aÑos y segun las autoridades este dio muerte a sus padres adoptivos en enero pasado, debido a que habia sido suspendido de su escuela por fumar marihuana y no queria enfrentar ese problema. ---al principio kamin se habia declarado "no culpable", pero hoy cambio su declaracion a culpable. cesar ---giselle esteban fue sentenciada a prision de entre 25 aÑos a cadena perpetua por la muerte de la estudiante de enfermeria "michelle le". take vo ---esteban se presento ante una corte del condado de alameda y segun el juez jon rolefson, la acusada nunca mos
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